Car Sharing vs Taxi Use

Taxis are convenient, but they come with a price. You could drive yourself wherever you need to get to with a GoTo vehicle for around half of what a local taxi will cost you.

GoTo has dedicated and exclusive parking spaces across both Gozo and Malta, meaning that we’re just as convenient and available as any taxi. You can use the GoTo app to book and make payment, and then drive our vehicles to and from any of our parking spaces. Enter your details below to find out how much you could save by using GoTo instead of a taxi.


What is the average duration of your trip?

1 min


60 min

What is the average distance of your trip?

1 km


35 km


Taxi cost



Car sharing cost

*Taxi rates used: starting fee of €4.40 and €1.10/km rate.

*€7 monthly fee is not included.